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Our Grassroots campaigns are designed with an emphasis on awareness and relationships. Using our extremely confident, competent and well-organized grassroots team we will run highly detailed and strategic campaigns to do everything from distribute promotional products to executing city wide marketing. We promote your brand at a long list of carefully calculated locations including, but not limited to exclusive nightclubs, residential areas, special events, shopping areas, colleges, high schools and parks. Imagine walking out of the hottest nightclubs or busy shopping area and seeing a strong presence of your artist’s branding. This not only increases your cult following, but also provides a very visible and strong campaign. We have our team in place to run flash mobs, case studies, hand to hand promotion, etc. at all of the target marquee locations across the globe.


Our precise experiential marketing campaigns create strategies that directly engage tastemakers & consumers and encourages them to participate in the evolution of your brand. These campaigns include event marketing, on-ground marketing, live marketing, participation marketing and special events. Our expertise in event curation and coordination gives

us the tools needed to create a one of a kind experiential participation for consumers and tastemakers, giving

your brand an up close and personal engagement with target demographics.


Our elite event coordination expertise ranges from concert and festivals, to brand activations and pop-up shops. We use our expertise to give our clients exactly what they need to curate their desired event including venues, staffing, sponsorships, talent, design & printing, etc. We strongly believe that access is power. By organizing very exclusive tastemaker and consumer driven events, we provide our clients with a platform to showcase their brand to the top tastemakers in the industry and their target consumer demographics. By having brand presence these exclusive events, you not only increase advertising and branding power, but also gain new consumers, followers and overall greater brand awareness. Our goal would be to not only build the name of your brand, but to also get tastemakers & consumers together in the name of your brand's cause.

This display is a sure-fire way of establishing brand presence and creating a buzz.


We have a full-service E-Commerce Manufacturing and Merchandising company, with manufacturing facilities located in Long Island NY, Brooklyn & Shanghai China. We offer all apparel items, a wide range of technology items, promotional items and more, all with your branding. We will create and maintain your brsnd's official e-commerce website featuring their products for sale. Our team will store, ship and update inventory on your stores items as well as assist in creative direction and design.


We have developed countless relationships with brands and companies throughout our many years within the industry. In addition to these countless relationships, we utilize our expert design and writing team to create the materials needed to

acquire sponsorships for your  brand's events. We cover all aspects of partnership acquisition from simple

one-sheets to full on proposals, case studies, engagement, etc.


It has been proven that endorsements and cross branding have a great effect on an brand's likeness and overall brand awareness. We are in a unique position to provide you with the top opportunities in this area. Whether it's placing and aligning clients with endorsement deals with clothing companies, beverages, technology, etc. or having your brand tied into exclusive events, we will be able to accommodate you on every level. By placing you in a unique circle of tastemakers you will have the opportunity to get your brand noticed and recognized by the people who create the

trends in today’s culture. These opportunities are priceless in terms of brand development.


We have a database of over 500,000 Nationwide & Worldwide contacts comprisedof consumers, industry tastemakers & celebrities within film, fashion, music, sports and media. Our Email Marketing gives you a platform to touch these

tastemakers and consumers directly through their emails with your brand's agendas and news. This can
either be done on a weekly or monthly basis. We also ask our clients to provide us with their contact

databases to keep existing subscribers, fans and consumers updated as well.


Instagram, Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme as direct marketing outlets that touch consumers and brands daily. We will create, control and maintain targeted ads on Instagram and Twitter geared towards your demographic which will

organic grow your followers and likes. We will also use our social media influencer program to grow your brand's

likeness and consumer-base with strategic posts, likes and mentions from various well known

verified Instagram brands, media and celebrity accounts.


Our elite graphic design team is comprised of seasoned vets who are available to facilitate any of your brand's needs. Whether it is designing logos, ad campaigns, merchandise, flyers, posters, etc., we have a full graphics staff ready to offer you the best services at a reasonable cost. Our designers are not only artists, but are heavily involved in marketing as well and use this knowledgeto create designs and materials that are effective in driving consumers to your brand.


Recorded material is vital to the marketing success of a brand. It brings awareness and interest through film and photos.

Our photography and video production service uses professional cameramen and photographers to capture your brand's interaction at events, with tastemakers, celebrities and consumers creating content and greater brand awareness

including Press Shots, Ads, Vlogs, Viral Clips, Commercials, Sketches, Augmented Reality, etc.


This portion of our plan is designed to not only maximize the grass root campaign, but to also bring an extremely important dynamic to the overall strategy. By incorporating exclusive vinyl wrapped vehicles into the equation as well as our LED Digital billoboard truck, you will not only increase overall visibility of branding, but will provide a method to carry out your campaign at all relevant locations in a cost- effective manner. By providing transportation and a way to move product in a vehicle wrapped with your brand's logos and likeness on the streets and at events, it will guarantee high consumer reach, as it truly is a moving billboard that will get millions of impressions weekly. The consumer has a higher level of recognition for Brands when seen in this exciting form. We will make sure these vehicles are driven in highly visible locations, therefore increasing overall awareness of your brand's campaign and agenda.


We take pride on being active members within our local communities, our state, the Nation and the World. We work closely with numerous different foundations with various initiatives including Youth Services, Un-homed Individuals services, Enviornmental issues, Health care issues, etc. By organizing minimal to mass fund-raising events, protests, rallies, seminars and supply distribution pop-up's, we use our attributes to provide resources to those in need.  

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